Mozilla Firefox Quantum browser unveiled; takes on Google Chrome


Formerly just the default in Russia, Yandex will now be the default for Firefox users in Russia, Turkey, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Below you'll see a demonstration video from Mozilla on what's happening within the new Firefox Quantum.

Chrome overtook Firefox as the world's most popular browser in 2013 thanks to its speed, efficiency, and elegant design, but the launch of Quantum signals that Mozilla is now ready to fight back.

The user interface is modern, intuitive and houses guidelines, reusable UI components, templates, and other resources for users.

All of this said, I've been using Firefox for the last few months alongside Chrome and this iteration of the browser does feel a lot slicker and faster than Firefox 56 did. It also uses less memory than competing browsers with a fresh new UI in place.

It takes advantage of multiple CPU cores on desktop and mobile both for better performance.

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What you'll notice first is that the new Firefox is blazing fast. Extensions that have not yet been ported to this new API will not work any longer. The site for the new version also touts the updated browser's aggressive tracking protection and built-in ad- and script-blocking features. If you've never used Firefox before, you'll be glad you tried it today. In a blogpost, Firefox says the new browser is two times faster and users 30 per cent less memory than rival Google Chrome.

Mozilla also emphasized its work on tabs.

In spite of going up against Google in the program space, Firefox resorts to utilizing Google as the default internet searcher in the US, Canada, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Google paid US$1 billion to Apple in 2014 to keep its search bar on iPhones, according to court records. This change comes as a part of contract termination between Yahoo! and Mozilla.

This is the earliest state of the software on Android so it's no surprise that it's a bit janky; Mozilla is sure to improve it in the future. Users can download the new Firefox Quantum on their PC or Mac and then start importing bookmarks, history and other items from a different browser if they want to make this their default browser.

Yahoo paid Mozilla $375 million (roughly Rs. 2,450 crores) in 2015 and said that it would pay at least the same amount annually through 2019, according to regulatory filings.