Samsung Switches Fingerprint Sensor Supplier, Aims for CES Launch for S9


Samsung also plans to implement up to twelve pressure points spread in different areas, so that users can touch multiple areas on the display rather than just the bottom to have a fingerprint read. That's changing now, as Samsung has officially launched the Burgundy Red Galaxy S8 in South Korea today, November 28.

Most of Samsung's Android 8.0 Oreo plans remain in the shadows, but we continue to see new information popup as we close in on 2018.

In order to spread the donation culture with the Galaxy S8 Burgundy Red launch, Samsung Electronics purchased Galaxy S8 series and Galaxy Note 8 for one month in December, and launched a Happy Bean coupon (5,000 won ). It would be the world's first in-display fingerprint scanner for a mobile device. The device is also expected to be unveiled alongside Samsung Galaxy S9 at CES next year.

Of course, Samsung isn't operating in a vacuum.

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Samsung has announced a new colour variant of their phenomenally successful Galaxy S8 handset, with a new Burgundy Red coloured Galaxy S8 coming out in Korea and to other "select" markets.

Samsung is now testing Android 8.0 Oreo on the Galaxy S8 while Google is testing Android 8.1 on Nexus and Pixel-branded devices.

The Galaxy S9 was described as an "iterative update" to the Galaxy S8, with one of its significant upgrades being the inclusion of Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845. Business Korea reports that LG is also looking to release a new smartphone - the G7 - in January, and notes the "possibility that the fingerprint sensor may be mounted under the display, not on the back".

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