Author: 0 U.S. threatens further strikes in Syria

The consequences of this for regional and worldwide stability could be extremely serious", Russian Deputy Ambassador Vladimir Safronkov said at the UN Security Council. Just in the past week, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's fate would be decided by the Syrian people. A warehouse, a training facility, a mess hall, six MiG-23s under fix and a radar station were destroyed in the attack, according to Konashenkov, but the airstrip and parked jets were not ...

Author: 0 US, Japan, South Korea discuss North's latest threat before Trump-Xi summit

Earlier this week North Korea fired a medium range ballistic missile that fell into the Sea of Japan . However high on the agenda is reducing trade tensions and dealing with North Korea's nuclear and missile provocations. North Korea attempted to fire an unidentified ballistic missile towards the end of March; however, the missile exploded seconds after launch. But foreign news agency quoted unnamed US defense officials as saying later that the missile might be a Scud-ER (extended ...

Author: 0 Atlanta faces toughest test after fallen highway overpass

Eleby and Sophia Broner and Barry Thomas, who each were charged with criminal trespass, both misdemeanors, and released on bond, were arrested after being interviewed by investigators with the Georgia Department of Insurance, which oversees the fire marshal's office.

Esteri Indonesia police: 6 militants killed in gun battle
Author: 0 Indonesia police: 6 militants killed in gun battle

A box of 9mm bullets was found in their vehicle, he said. A new threat has emerged in the past several years from IS sympathizers. Police were monitoring the vehicle prior to the attack, Mangera said, in connection with Friday's arrest of three suspected members of the group Jemaah Anshorut Daulah (JAD), who were allegedly planning an attack on a police station and had bought M16 machine guns from the southern Philippines .

Author: 0 Governor directed law enforcement to advance personal interests, report finds

Bentley has vowed to stay in office despite growing calls for his resignation. Bentley said after the ethics commission findings that he had no intention of resigning. Later in the day, before the report's release, Alabama House Speaker Mac McCutcheon called on Bentley to resign. With some exceptions, Bentley's office did not cooperate with the committee's investigation.

Author: 0 Venezuela's supreme court reverses ruling

That galvanised Venezuela's demoralised and divided opposition coalition and brought a torrent of worldwide condemnation and concern ranging from the United Nations and European Union to most major Latin American countries. President Nicolas Maduro's opponents called on Venezuelans to take to the streets and urged the army to abandon him, branding moves to consolidate his power a "coup d'etat".

Author: 0 US threatens more pressure on Syria after missile strikes

He highlighted the "considerable time " Trump and Xi spent discussing Korean Peninsula issues, including China's opposition to the deployment of the American THAAD anti-missile system in the South. White House officials didn't make a direct connection between the action in Syria and any potential strike on North Korea's nuclear program. Acopting such an objective has huge downsides, said Lippert, who also served as an assistant defense secretary under President Barack Obama.

Author: 0 Trump quietly repeals internet privacy protection laws

Killing the FCC's rule means "there will be no privacy rules governing broadband providers", FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn and Terrell McSweeny, a commissioner at the Federal Trade Commission, wrote March 31 in the Los Angeles Times. Pacific Crest Securities says internet providers will be better-positioned for targeted advertising, much like internet companies. "American consumers' privacy deserves to be protected regardless of who handles their personal information", he said in a ...

Author: 0 The Long Wait is Over for Judge Neil Gorsuch

Many Democrats were still tight over Garland being passed over, as they should be, and noted that Gorsuch was super conservative. In a prepared statement after the 54-45 vote, Cornyn praised Gorsuch as extremely qualified for his new job.

Esteri Syrian opposition leader: Trump has a chance to save Syria
Author: 0 Syrian opposition leader: Trump has a chance to save Syria

Trump even appeared to find support in his actions from Hillary Clinton, who earlier tonight urged the president to "take out [Assad's] airfields and prevent him from being able to use them to bomb innocent people". "It depends on what's being proposed". It might not with the Trump administration. Ian Bremmer, president of the global risk consulting firm Eurasia Group, said the U.S.

Author: 0 South Africans hold nationwide protests against President Jacob Zuma

The marches come as Fitch Rating became the second worldwide ratings agency to downgrade South Africa to junk status. Some thousands of South Africans demonstrated in major cities against Zuma following the dismissal of finance minister Pravin Gordhan which has fuelled concerns over government corruption and a struggling economy.

Esteri Axelrod: Trump's Susan Rice allegation 'beneath the dignity of that office'
Author: 0 Axelrod: Trump's Susan Rice allegation 'beneath the dignity of that office'

The identities of Americans who talk with those foreigners, or who are discussed in conversations between two non-U.S. persons, are masked in intelligence reports . According to Eli Lake of Bloomberg, Rice "requested the identities of United States persons in raw intelligence reports on dozens of occasions that connect to the Donald Trump transition and campaign".

Author: 0 Japanese PM says further provocative action is possible from North Korea

In fact, the North justifies its nuclear weapons as a necessary deterrent to the USA military threat and has over the past weeks warned that the biggest-ever joint U.S. Gen. Park Chul-kyun, deputy director general for global policy at the South Korean ministry; Andrew Winternitz, U.S. acting deputy assistant secretary of defense for East Asia; and Koji Kano, director for defense policy at Japan's defense ministry.

Author: 0 Hoffman and Garcia tied for the lead

Not that it should be surprising to anyone. Couples, the 1992 Masters victor, could become the oldest major victor in history at age 57 if his balky back can last 72 holes. That won't make it much easier, as surviving the wind gives way to what could be a shootout among some of the sport's biggest stars. However, massive drives on the 13th and 15th resulted in nothing better than par fives and McIlroy had to settle for a 71 to finish level par, six shots behind Ryder Cup team-mates ...

Author: 0 Swedish health service says 10 still in hospital

The commissioner said that, although he was on their records, he was only seen as a "marginal character". Swedes flew flags at half-staff Saturday to commemorate those killed and injured when the hijacked truck plowed into a crowd of shoppers Friday afternoon in Stockholm.

Author: 0 Samsung Elec's Q1 OP near $9 bn on strong chip sales

That could help it stage a comeback in the wake of a string of controversies. The refurbished variant of last year's Galaxy Note 7 will carry the model number SM-N935 and it will arrive to a number of markets, but not the US. But unpicking the complex and powerful hold these family-run firms have over the South Korean economy will take more than just rhetoric. Even the recently launched Galaxy S8 and S8+ were rumored to feature the new tech, but the Korean giant had other plans.

Esteri EU Brexit envoy sidesteps Gibraltar row
Author: 0 EU Brexit envoy sidesteps Gibraltar row

Former Tory leader Lord Howard's suggestion that Theresa May would be prepared to go to war over Gibraltar has been dismissed as "apocalyptic" by the chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee . "We are going to talk to them about the best possible deal for the United Kingdom and for those countries, Spain included", May said. Adebahr cautioned that bigger European Union members like Germany are not interested in an escalation of the dispute, and tend to disagree with Spain's ...

Author: 0 Britain's May in Saudi Arabia seeking deals

The UK and Saudi Arabia are set to agree closer ties in areas including defence, security, intelligence and trade. "What we are doing is continuing the links that we have had for a long time with countries that are important to us around the world".

Author: 0 US officials say military hotline with Russia remains open

Obama believed it was better if the US stayed out of the Middle East even if he were to be provoked by particularly egregious actions by wildly reckless players like Bashar Assad. The barbaric, poisonous gas attack, allegedly ordered by President Bashar-al- Assad, killed at least 70 people. However, senior USA defense officials immediately pushed back on those claims, saying the deconfliction channel was still open and reports suggesting otherwise are false.

Esteri Staffers injured, fire set during Lincoln prison disturbance
Author: 0 Staffers injured, fire set during Lincoln prison disturbance

Cleanup on the unit continues and we expect to return inmates to the unit this evening. State troopers, Lincoln firefighters and emergency teams from the Department of Corrections were at the two-story prison, according to Smith. "Corrections staff willingly put themselves in harm's way and once again they demonstrated their commitment to public safety", Frakes wrote. NDCS will conduct an internal critical incident review to determine the causal factors and the corrective action needed.

Author: 0 Suspected Isis recruiters arrested in St Petersburg in wake of metro attack

Young people hold candles as they gather to honor the memory of the victims of subway bombing on Marsovo Polye in St. Petersburg, Russia , Wednesday, April 5, 2017. Authorities in Central Asian Kyrgyzstan said that Djalilov was an ethnic Uzbek who was born in its southern city of Osh but was a citizen of Russian Federation and had lived there since the age of 16.

Author: 0 Trump, Xi cite 'common understandings' after summit, but few details

During his two-day stay, Xi will exchange views with Trump on bilateral ties and major regional and global issues of common concern, China's official media said . Placing nuclear weapons in South Korea will be the first nuclear deployment overseas since the end of the Cold War, NBC noted. Ahead of the summit, Trump signed a pair of executive orders focused on reducing the USA trade deficit.

Esteri Hillary Clinton calls for US to bomb Syrian air fields
Author: 0 Hillary Clinton calls for US to bomb Syrian air fields

Hillary Clinton said she doesn't intend to run for elected office again, but vowed to remain involved in public service and to help Democrats regain control of Congress in the 2018 election. Clinton was greeted with a warm welcome at the Women in the World Summit in NY, according to AFP , receiving a standing ovation from the crowd. Clinton claimed that Russia's meddling in the general election was a primary factor for her loss.

Author: 0 Bangladesh PM accorded ceremonial welcome

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also hailed his Bangladeshi counterpart Sheikh Hasina for her country's development by putting behind a personal tragedy, which saw the massacre of 16 of her family members in a coup. A new rail link between the Indian city of Kolkata and Khulna in Bangladesh, and a bus link between Kolkata and Dhaka also were inaugurated, while another old rail link was restored to coincide with Hasina's visit.

Author: 0 Russia ups ante by freezing communications with US in Syria

Russian Federation still has several dozen warplanes and batteries of air defense missiles at its base near Latakia, Syria. Johnson was due to make the journey to the Russian capital on Monday, April 10. Air Force officer at a command center in the Persian Gulf state of Qatar and a Russian military officer, according to U.S. officials. Pressed on whether the Russians were actively participating in the safety calls, including one on Friday, one USA official said conversations were ongoing.

Esteri Lahore: 10 terrorists killed in encounter with CTD
Author: 0 Lahore: 10 terrorists killed in encounter with CTD

Jamaat-ur-Ahrar claimed responsibility for February's attack in Lahore that left 13 dead, as well as an Easter Day bombing previous year that killed more than 70 people in a public park in Lahore . At least 15 people were killed and more than 80 others injured in an explosion near the Punjab Assembly in Lahore when hundreds of chemists were protesting nearby against a new regulatory law.

Esteri Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump meets his supporters on 'SNL'
Author: 0 Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump meets his supporters on 'SNL'

Trump was also ineffectual at answering questions about subjects like federal benefits and the minimum wage, though all the constituents said they were still behind the president all the way. Baldwin-as-Trump stops by a small town hall to spend a little time with his supporters, and makes a few. unpleasant pledges. "Like, all of it?" one of his supporters said.

Author: 0 Highway liquor ban: State mulls ways to circumvent SC order

Kerala government has chose to ask for another three months time to relocate the liquor vends along highways that closed down after an order from the apex court. According to an industry body estimate, the collective revenue loss from the ban could around Rs 50,000 crore. While the states are authorised to downgrade state highways, they still have to approach the Road Ministry to convert national highways into district or municipal roads, the official pointed out.

Esteri Kerry 'absolutely supportive' of Trump's Syria strike
Author: 0 Kerry 'absolutely supportive' of Trump's Syria strike

As many have pointed out, President Trump tweeted numerous times throughout the years that it would be a poor political move to bomb Syria , or even get involved in the conflict. Israel, where right-wing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a supporter of Trump, welcomed it: "In both word and action, President Trump sent a strong and clear message today that the use and spread of chemical weapons will not be tolerated", Netanyahu's office said in a statement .

Esteri Con coltelli contro agente che gli spara
Author: 0 Con coltelli contro agente che gli spara

L'uomo, ferito alle gambe, non aveva con sé documenti quindi non è stato possibile identificarlo né capire le motivazioni del gesto. L'episodio in viale Monza, a Milano . L'uomo è stato quindi portato in ambulanza all'ospedale di Niguarda , dove è stato operato e giudicato guaribile in 15 giorni. I soccorritori del 118 lo hanno trasferito all'ospedale San Raffaele in codice rosso, pur non essendo in pericolo di vita.

Esteri Swedish police say man arrested in connection with truck attack identified
Author: 0 Swedish police say man arrested in connection with truck attack identified

Police have blocked off large parts of downtown Stockholm and they are warning people that it is unsafe to be in the area. "It is one of our delivery trucks", Spendrups spokesman Marten Luth told the Swedish news agency TT. And a auto drove into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge near Britain's Parliament last month. "We went public with information and a picture of a person that we were interested in".

Esteri Stockholm truck attack leaves two dead and many injured
Author: 0 Stockholm truck attack leaves two dead and many injured

According to the Aftonbladet newspaper and Swedish radio, the suspect is a 39-year-old man from Uzbekistan. The prosecutors said the man was arrested for a "terrorist crime". Police were telling people to avoid downtown Stockholm . Photos showed the beer truck sticking out of the Ahlens department store. A truck crashed into a department store in central Stockholm Friday.

Esteri Syrian fighters facing little resistance at Tabqa dam
Author: 0 Syrian fighters facing little resistance at Tabqa dam

The militants said US-led coalition air strikes had locked up the dam's gates, causing the water level behind it to rise, and issued warnings through its propaganda agency Amaq that the dam "is threatened with collapse at any moment because of American strikes and a large rise in water levels".

Esteri Senate Confirms Gorsuch as McConnell Takes Victory Lap
Author: 0 Senate Confirms Gorsuch as McConnell Takes Victory Lap

The successful bid by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., to invoke the nuclear option means waiver of the 60-vote threshold to end debate on Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. Ending the filibuster would make it easier for future Supreme Court nominees to be confirmed when the president and Senate leadership belong to the same party.

Author: 0 Vehicle driven into pedestrians on Stockholm street, 3 dead

Friday's crash is near the site of a December 2010 attack in which Taimour Abdulwahab, a Swedish citizen who lived in Britain, detonated a suicide bomb, killing himself and injuring two others. Cellphone video from near the scene shows people running frantically from buildings onto the streets near where the truck slammed into the department store.

Author: 0 Pentagon to attack on Syria in advance

Alaa Alyousef, who lost 25 relatives in the chemical attack, said the USA missile strike "alleviates a small part of our suffering", but he worries it will be an "anesthetic" that merely numbs the pain while allowing the global community to save face.

Esteri Anti-apartheid activist Ahmed Kathrada dies at 87
Author: 0 Anti-apartheid activist Ahmed Kathrada dies at 87

The party also said the nation has lost a Titan, an outstanding leader, and a great patriot - a man who stood apart for his service to the people of South Africa, and to the country. Kathrada was born to immigrant Indian parents in the Schweizer-Reneke province of South Africa, just before the Great Depression, in 1929. In an open letter, Kathrada criticized the president for a series of corruption scandals that have shaken South Africans and rocked investor confidence in the country.

Author: 0 Samsung Tips Best Quarterly Profit in Over Three Years as Chips Soar

Over at Samsung headquarters meanwhile, the company reported preliminary operating profit of 9.9 trillion won ($8.7 billion) for the first quarter of 2017, a jump of nearly 50% from a year ago. It planned to differentiate itself from competition in the display business with value-added products focusing on UHD and large-size TV panels. Its de facto leader Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong is on trial for alleged bribery of ousted President Park Geun-hye and her close confidante Choi Soon-sil.

Author: 0 North Korea Criticizes US Strikes on Syria as 'Unforgiveable'

The air base attack marked a major escalation in the U.S.'s use of force in Syria, where American military involvement up to this point has remained in an advising capacity and has focused mainly on fighting ISIS militants. The U.S. says a sarin-like nerve agent was used. "The use of chemical weapons by any side in the conflict is condemnable", he said. The U.S. airstrike ordered by President Donald Trump against Syria's Shayrat airfield was a restrained and limited response.

Author: 0 NKorea and trade two biggest issues for China summit

In terms of the value of the US dollar, the trade deficit with China has not caused a decline. Xi and Peng will also attend a welcome banquet hosted by Trump and First Lady Melania, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Zheng Zeguang told a press conference on March 31.

Esteri Trump Calls NBC's Andrea Mitchell a 'PR Person' for Hillary Clinton
Author: 0 Trump Calls NBC's Andrea Mitchell a 'PR Person' for Hillary Clinton

She said: "Assad had an air force, and that air force is the cause of most of the civilian deaths, as we have seen over the years and as we saw again in the last few days". "And let's be sure we support them in every way we can". Representative Devin Nunes, a Republican, earlier on Thursday stepped aside from the congressional inquiry into Russian meddling in the USA presidential election because he is under investigation for disclosing classified information.

Author: 0 Pressure builds for Michael Flynn to testify without immunity

Retired Army General and ousted national security advisor, Michael Flynn. A person familiar with his filing said Flynn's initial form was a draft that would have gone through the usual process of review and revision in consultation with the White House Counsel's Office and the Office of Government Ethics.

Esteri Moto E4 and E4 Plus
Author: 0 Moto E4 and E4 Plus

It seems like the Moto E4 Plus handset got certified by the FCC, which could indicate that the phone will be announced in the near future. The news of the device going through the FCC test came into the picture when Roland Quandt tweeted about it on his official Twitter handle.

Author: 0 Made tremendous progress in ties with China

The Chinese president and the first lady reportedly attended a special performance from Trump's granddaughter and grandson: a classic Chinese song entitled Jasmine and the Three-Character Classic recital. Trump also accepted an invitation from Xi to visit China, China's official New China News Agency reported Friday. However, when the two presidents met in Florida during the early hours in China, there was nearly no reporting at all.

Esteri Forget the Easter Event, Niantic's biggest launch is coming soon
Author: 0 Forget the Easter Event, Niantic's biggest launch is coming soon

Further they added that "Yesterday, Pokemon Go won the Best Mobile and Handheld Game at the British Academy of Film, Television and Arts Game Awards". When asked if his company, Niantic , might try its hand at a VR game, Hanke replied: "There are a lot of people out there already doing VR, so I don't think it would ever be a focus for us".

Author: 0 Stockholm attack: Uzbek man held on suspicion of terrorism

Prosecutor Hans Ihrman said authorities identified the man as a suspect "of terrorist offenses by murder", the AP reports . "We received intelligence a year ago, but we did not see any links to extremist circles", Sapo security police chief Anders Thornberg said.